The Kerala Story Fails To Release In UK After Failing To Receive Age Certification On Time

The Kerala Story, a movie released in the UK on May 12, was abruptly pulled from cinemas before its first showing due to a delay in receiving age certification from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The movie’s screening was cancelled throughout the country, leaving audiences disappointed and confused. The reason for the delay in certification is unknown, and the sudden cancellation of the movie has sparked speculation and rumors.

The Kerala Story is a Malayalam-language film directed by Rakhesh Raj and produced by Aji Medayil. The movie tells the story of a young man who returns to his hometown in Kerala after living abroad for many years. The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, making its sudden cancellation all the more surprising.

The BBFC is responsible for classifying movies in the UK based on their content and age appropriateness. The board has not released any statement regarding the delay in certification for The Kerala Story. The movie’s producers have also not commented on the situation, leaving audiences and fans in the dark.

The sudden cancellation of The Kerala Story has disappointed many moviegoers who were looking forward to watching the film. It has also raised questions about the certification process and the role of the BBFC in regulating movies in the UK. The incident highlights the importance of transparency and communication in the movie industry, especially when it comes to certification and classification.

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In conclusion, The Kerala Story‘s mysterious cancellation from British cinemas has left audiences and fans disappointed and confused. The delay in receiving age certification from the BBFC has sparked speculation and rumors, and the lack of communication from the board and the movie’s producers has only added to the confusion. The incident raises questions about the certification process and the role of the BBFC in regulating movies in the UK. It remains to be seen whether The Kerala Story will be released in the UK in the future.

The Kerala Story Is Massive At Indian Box Office

The Kerala Story released last Friday and proved to be a surprise blockbuster with amazing opening of 8 cr nett and 81 cr nett in week one. Film is a rage in north and west India with tax free status boosting it further. Film demolished all new films and competition on 2nd Friday by clear margin. 

After collecting massive numbers via super solid trending on weekdays, film again collected double digit numbers close to 12.35 cr nett on day 8. Film jumped big by 55% on 2nd Saturday and collected 19.50 cr nett. Film added 23.75 cr nett on 2nd Sunday. Film collected 55.60 cr nett plus over 2nd weekend. Film collected double digit numbers for continuously 9 days. 

Film crossed 100 cr nett yesterday and has total of 136.74 cr nett in 10 days. It is certain to cross 160 cr nett (if not 170 cr nett) by end of 2nd week and 225 cr nett target depends on its trending post release big Hollywood franchise Fast X. This is one of the biggest surprise hits at box office of recent years after The Kashmir Files.

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