Shah Rukh Khan’s Close Friend Reveals Leaked Chats With Sameer Wankhede Are Fake, ‘He Did Not Plead’, Netizens Question Authenticity Of Chats

The media has recently revealed alleged chats between Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) and former zonal director of Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau Sameer Wankhede. The chats were submitted in court in the case against Wankhede, who has been accused of asking for a bribe of 250 million rupees ($3.04 million) from SRK’s family. The alleged chats show SRK pleading with Wankhede to go easy on his son Aryan Khan when he was arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case in 2021.

The media’s coverage of these alleged chats has been criticized for stooping to a new low. The coverage has been seen as an invasion of privacy and an attempt to sensationalize a serious legal case. The media’s focus on the alleged chats has also been seen as a distraction from the larger issue of corruption within law enforcement agencies.

The alleged chats have also sparked speculation about the authenticity of the messages and whether they were doctored or manipulated. Some have questioned the timing of the release of the chats and whether they were leaked to influence public opinion in the ongoing legal case.

Netizens question the whole circus around chat and found it manipulated or fake. Timing of leaked chats is also questionable and poor attempt to taint superstar’s image.

Here are the tweets:

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Shah Rukh Khan’s leaked WhatsApp chats with NCB’s Sameer Wankhede are fake, claims SRK’s close friend

However, now a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan has come forward, and in a conversation with ETimes, he has shared his views about the WhatsApp chats that have been leading all the headlines at the moment. Sharing his thoughts about the same, SRK’s friend challenged the authenticity of the conversation between the actor and the NCB officer. While explaining the reasons behind his claim, he stated that Shah Rukh doesn’t talk like this, and he never pleaded for Aryan. He stated:

Overall, the media’s coverage of the alleged chats between SRK and Wankhede has been controversial and divisive. While some see it as an important piece of evidence in a high-profile legal case, others see it as an invasion of privacy and an attempt to sensationalize a serious issue.

“The chats could not have happened. SRK never uses WhatsApp. If these chats are authentic, then he created a chat box for Mr Wankhede. Is he so stupid as to put himself out there in the public domain? The language used, the pauses, the way the father is seen pleading for his son… are all highly unlikely to be authentic. SRK doesn’t talk like that.”

Further, in the same interview, Shah Rukh Khan’s close friend also recalled the time when Aryan Khan was in jail, and the NCB was doing their investigation. Opening up about the same, he said that Shah Rukh had the utmost trust and belief in the judiciary system of this country. Hence, he never contacted neither Sameer Wankhede or any other officer or person, who was playing a role in his son’s case. Not only this, but SRK’s friend also added that the doting father was quite confident about his son’s innocence and knew that he would come out, which was why he waited patiently. Shah Rukh’s close friend stated:

“When his (Shah Rukh Khan) son was jailed, he contacted no one to get Aryan out. He believed firmly in letting the law takes its course. Night after sleepless night, SRK waited for his son to be released. He did not plead with any government officer for his son’s freedom. He knew Aaryan was innocent. He waited.”

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