Shah Rukh Khan At His Witty Best At Gauri Khan’s Book Launch, Top Quotes By King Khan At The Event

Gauri Khan, who is a noted interior designer, launched her coffee table book in Mumbai at Taj Lands End on Monday, 15 May. Gauri was accompanied by her husband, global star Shah Rukh Khan. The book is titled, ‘My Life in Design‘ and it follows Gauri’s journey as a designer and gives us some insights into her life.

Here are a few of the notable things Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan said at his wife Gauri Khan’s book launch:

SRK Didn’t Have Money To Furnish His New House

Shah Rukh was open about his lack of financial resources for furnishing his newly acquired home. He stated:

“We didn’t realise that Mumbai has a whole system where apartments are more expensive. We were not used to it. We used to live in house next to Taj, which was my director’s house. Whenever we mustered some money, we said let’s buy one house. Then we managed to buy. Then we didn’t have money to furnish it.”

He further added, “Of course, we called one designer. The lunch that he served us was telling us how he’ll design this house was way more than the salary I used to earn in a month. So we thought now that we’ve bought it, how do we do this house? Then I said, ‘See Gauri, you have the artistic talent, why don’t you become the designer of the house?’ Mannat started like that. The money that we earned over the years, we kept on buying small things. Once we had little money and we bought leather fur sofa and all the small things we used to buy.”

He Encourages People To Live Their Dreams

Shah Rukh also spoke to the media about how anyone, regardless of age, may pursue their dreams: 

 “For about 23-24 years of our married life, we were just so busy setting down in Mumbai, that Gauri never realised there was an aspect of hers, that she needed to give vent to. This book stands for all that. To all the youngsters, all the people who miss out on the dream of their life to be creative, you can start at any age.”

On Why Gauri Is The Busiest Person In The House

Gauri is the busiest person in the house, he emphasises: 

She is genuinely the busiest person in the house now, compared to me, my son, my daughter and my little one and my sister. I’m like, ‘What are you doing the whole day? Why do you keep doing so much work?’ She said because it satisfies me. I think this book stands for that.”

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He Talks About What Makes A Satisfying Day

The talented actor provided insight into what he and his wife consider to be a fulfilling day.

“We have dinners at home. We don’t have any choice in that. We have to have dinner together. On those dinners, we discuss how was your day at work? At the end of the dinner, the discussion is, it was a satisfying dinner because [Gauri] believes a satisfying day is a happy day.”

On The Realities Of Being Someone’s Companion For Years

The actor continued to make an important point regarding his connection with Gauri, “When you spend countless years in each other’s company, the appreciation for one another’s accomplishments may wane.”

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