Kangana Ranaut Bashes A Girl For Wearing Shorts To A Temple, Remembers Her Past Experience In Vatican

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has recently come under fire for criticizing a girl who wore shorts and a sleeveless crop top to a temple in Himachal Pradesh. Kangana Ranaut scolded a girl for wearing short clothes in a temple. Describing the past incident with her, Kangana told that even once she was not allowed in Vatican because of such clothes.

While replying to a tweet, Kangana scolded a young woman who entered the temple wearing short clothes.

Kangana is known for voicing her views on anything, on any issue on social media. Whether it is to taunt any Bollywood actor or any film makers, Kangana is in a lot of discussion these days, apart from that , recently Kangana retweeted a tweet on Twitter and wrote about a girl who entered the temple wearing short clothes. did.

Kangna taunted him saying that these western clothes are invented by white people and promoted by them. Writing further, Kangana says that once such an incident happened with me too. Once when I had gone to the Vatican wearing similar shorts and tshirt, I was not allowed in the premises there, so I had to go back to my hotel room again.
Had to change clothes. These stupid people who are considering night dress as casual dress are just lazy and stupid. I don’t think they will have any other purpose, but there should be necessary rules for such foolish people.

The original Tweet reads, “This is the scene of Baijnath, the famous Shiva temple of Himachal. They have reached Baijnath temple as if they have gone to a pub or nightclub. Such people should not be allowed to enter the temple. I strongly oppose it. Seeing all this, if my thinking is called small or bad, then it is also acceptable!”

Kangana is currently working on Emergency, a film being made on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She wil Later be seen in Tejas.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of women’s clothing being policed and judged in religious spaces. It is important to recognize and respect individual choices and agency when it comes to clothing, rather than imposing arbitrary and sexist dress codes.

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