After The Kashmir Files And The Kerala Story, Another Controversial Film Ajmer 92 To Hit Cinemas On 14th July

Recent surprise and blockbuster success of The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story have given impetus to various films based on controversial subjects specially favouring current government and right wing philosophy.

Next controversial film to carry forward this brand of cinema is Ajmer 92. Film is based on infamous rape scandal which shook the nation in 1992 where a meticulously planned racket trapped many young school going girls in Ajmer and filmed their rape in order to blackmail them. Many girls found dead as most of them committed suicide or left the town.

Film is directed by Pushpendra Singh and will be released by Reliance Entertainment. Today film’s poster came out and film will release on 14th July.

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Ajmer Rape Scandal Of 90’s

The 1992 Ajmer rape case is a horrific incident that involved the serial gangrape and blackmailing of more than one hundred school and college-aged girls in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The case has spanned 12 public prosecutors, over 30 SHOs, dozens of SPs, DIGs, DGPs, and five changes of government in Rajasthan. The case has been a convoluted and lengthy legal trajectory, with several different trials, appeals, and some acquittals. Eighteen people were named as the accused overall, out of which one died by suicide in 1994. The first eight suspects to go to trial were sentenced to life in prison by the district sessions court in 1998, but the Rajasthan High Courtacquitted four in 2001 and the Supreme Court reduced.

Controversy Around The Film

There is some controversy surrounding the production of the Ajmer rape case film. Some people on social media have criticized the idea of making a film on the atrocities against women in Ajmer

However, some people have also expressed the need for a film on the Ajmer rape case to bring attention to the scandalous crime and the alleged involvement of some top officials of the Dargah, including Congressleader Faroukh Chishti. The concept of the film was also considered controversial, and getting approval from the right kind of politicians was a tough task. The Ajmer rape case is India’s biggest rape case so far, and it involved hundreds of young girls who were sexually exploited and blackmailed.

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